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MET has been supplying Design, Manufacturing and Engineering solutions to Defense and Industrial companies in different areas since its foundation, 2000. One of the biggest goals of our engineer based staff is to supply technological wares to manufacturers for them to be able to compete in the global market. For this the global market and technological improvements are well investigated and the best possible solutions are supplied.

In this meaning successful design and manufacturing process improvements are well finalized in many companies all over the world.

As a result of many projects completed in the automotive and defense industries MET has built up a big experience in these special areas. In addition to these advanced capabilities are owned in Complex System Design, Modernization, Pneumatic Launching Systems, Advanced Hardware Chassis, Advanced Cooling Systems for Control Chassis and Manufacturing especially in Defense and Automotive Industry. With motivated staff to serve the best solutions, MET is capable of:

    * being granted with work packages all over the world
    * providing high quality and low cost engineering services
    * providing high quality and low cost manufacturing services


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