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Corel Website Creator X6
Corel Website Creator X6

Design complex systems with talented, experienced and intensive staff  and validate, verification perform with MIL-STD and known standards. Before prototype stage all designed are completed after virtual tests. Finite element analysis service for linear and non-linear materials are given to the industry. Prototype stage all problems solved and feedback to blue print releasing. Every system has controlled by quality assurance and shipped all over the world. 

Mechanic Systems and Spare Parts are manufactured in and assembled in high quality. Every single part is controlled and recorded and can be trace 10 years when ever customer request. All the systems and parts can be shipped globally under our insurance. We can modernization land and navy systems globally with control of the customer request.


We are specially experienced developing and manufacturing military test system for any stage of the usages.

    Mechanic Test Systems

    Underwater Test Systems

    Pressure Test Systems


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